Landing Pages Seminar- Learn from the Best

Are you a business owner or marketing professional looking to gain a better understanding of Landing Pages? This course is perfect for you. Thousands of people have taken this course to learn how to make their landing pages more effective.

Landing Pages – Conversion-Centric Design

Most websites/marketers today have some form of landing pages. Some of the landing pages we see are really good, others are almost there, and some are just awful.

So what are the components of a conversion-centric landing page?

Well, for starters, rarely is the person that sets up and manages your PPC campaign the “right” person to build the landing page, soup to nuts. The reason? Well, the person that sets up and manages SEM usually does not have the proper programming skills to create the form which captures the data (both the data entered by the user, as well as the cookie data such as referral URL, IP address, and device information).

At this seminar you will get effective landing page techniques, landing page A/B testing ideas and a whole bag of best practices to take back to your webmaster.