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Jessica Katz speaking. Marketing Automation

Digital Marketing Process

Are You Living in a Digital Marketing Fairy Tale?

Marketing today is misunderstood. Especially Digital Marketing. It is full of data, technology, and systems. If you do it right, it’s as much work, or more, as any business process. And results can be impressive. If you do it wrong, you risk losing a great deal of money and the results can be both disheartening and damaging.

Fear not! In this hands-on workshop, digital marketing guru Jessica Katz guides you through the foundational business process of digital marketing, to set your company up for success in implementation and systems selection.

This course breaks down complicated marketing processes into digestible steps that will help companies at any stage of the digital marketing game. Main topics covered:

  • Lead Generation – How are you filling your sales funnel?
  • Lead Tracking, Scoring, and Systems – Is your website working hard for you?
  • Complications of Systems – Avoiding painful implementations
  • The Hierarchy of Marketing Automation – Buyer personas, segments, and workflows
  • Proper Execution of Marketing Automation – For those in the big leagues
  • Managing Systems Expenses – Can you afford luxury in your business?
  • Readiness Assessment – What level in the digital marketing game are you playing at?

Attendees will be armed with: a better understanding of digital marketing, a higher awareness of the “trending” topics of marketing automation, and tools & exercises to move their digital marketing efforts closer to success.

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